03/10/18 – Boxing For Home or gym day

Greetings Spartans,

Do you struggle with finding time for workouts?

looking to develop lean mass and torch excess body fat within the space of  45 mins. This work out will help you burn an extra (380Kcal to 600Kcal) depending on your current fitness level. The true effects comes from E.P.O.C (excess post exercise oxygen consumption) = Part of recovery and contributes to the total energy expenditure of your workout. I.e. You can experience a short burst of extra calorie burning for a period of time between 3 and 12 hours which can boost the calories utilised by up to 16% (for a small window of time).


Hers a good page to learn more about the effects of EPOC.

This work out can be down at home with minimal equipment or at your gym or studio with just a few items. To follow the workout directly you will require the following items;

1) Skipping rope

2) Boxing gloves and a bag (Or for the home workout light dumbbells)

3) A mini band to put around ankles ( or resistance band anchored to a base)

Start with the following rules;

each round is 3mins of continuous work( doesn’t mean flat-out work just sustain motion)

1min to 1:20 rest between rounds (use a HIIT timer or alarm to help you keep track)

Play some upbeat music whatever is your jam to keep pushing belt it out!!

Round 1

Full body warmup, Squats, star jumps, Bear squats, windmills and shoulder rotations

Round 2 -4

Skipping on spot and aim to complete the following

2 – Both feet

3- single bounds side to side

4 -Double unders and speed work e.g. 10DU + 100speed skips

Round 5-6

Shadow boxing with band on feet (important to emphasise stance position and staying in your center position). This is your time to focus on what your legs do prior to a punch or a step.

5- moving drills will include pivot steps, shuffles steps, weave and add basic punches to your

6- add power to your punches and make them snap keep on your toes and keep moving…if you aren’t feeling to burn in your outer glutes and calves your band isn’t heavy enough resistance.

Round 7 – 10

Bag time! no put that steady movement into practice as you drive each strike home to the bag.

7 – Just straight up jabs aiming to move and use lower and upper targets

8 – Body hooks with slip or weave /pivot with the bag

9 – crosses, Hips solid and drive that rear foot to the ground as you punch not the front of the bag but push through the back.

10) Speed punches and Squat

1-2 , 1-1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-3-2-1 etc for combinations with speed and 10 squats after every 30 punches or so!


Main points of this workout are to keep hydrated, if at any point you experience unusual pain stop immediately and have fun with it. Rome wasnt built-in a day and neither was you.

“Tough times don’t last; Tough people do!”


Till next time

Ben – Founder Spartan’s Lane – www.spartanslane.com

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