Gym workout 09/10/18

Greetings Spartans just a little update on the session I did this evening and if you have access to the equipment join in as well.

Warm up

Deep squat the hamstring stand

Geckos with thoracic rotation

Leg swings


Heavy sled pulls and pushes (we don’t have an actually sled in the gym so i made one from equipment we have available). Improvisation is the mother of adaptation that’s true for life as it is for gains.

Heres is my beast of burden!


Heres the drill

2/3 lengths of rope pulls followed by low sled pushes (weight of the bags is between 70-75Kgs) plus its using the battle rope (challenging that grip even more)

Followed by a kettlebell movement

3 lengths of  sled push to pull over 6-8meters or 18-24feet

15 single hand swings each side @18-24kgs

3 lengths

15 swings S.H.E.S (single hand each side)

3 lengths

15 swings S.H.E.S

3 lengths

15 swings S.H.E.S

3 sets of over head press with kettlebell

Technical practice

Kick boxing practice –  Focus on foot movement and not staying static to the bag constantly change position and stay on the toes.

6 timed rounds

Round 1 -Jab-cross orthodox stance

Round 2 – body hooks

Round 3 Jab to cross southpaw stance

Round 4 – Jab – cross – round house

Round 5 – knee strike switches and elbows

Round 6 – Roundhouse each side 60 seconds plus Bodyweight squats 60 second

Cool Down

Yoga flow and full body movement to stretch out

Some points I would like you to follow if you will try this

  1. when doing the sled push hips low, back straight and grind out through your steps
  2. With the swings hinge properly from your hips
  3. In the overhead press lock your belly button under your ribcage

So stay safe Spartans and till next time


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