What is fitness to you?

Greetings Spartans,

Welcome back to another Blog! Todays topic we will explore what is fitness and why does it seem like such an ambiguous word?

Well fundamentally fitness isn’t just a physical barometer of your health it also leads into your emotional and mental state that’s why its such a hard definition.

As a coach and Personal trainer its important to clarify with an individual what the outcome for that person will be. Quite often its get stronger, move faster or be thinner (lets face it how many people want to gain weight in this day and age?).

But some people need probing and then you realise they don’t need a better body they need a more resilient mind or new thought patterns to break up the current methods they use. They may outwardly be indomitable but inside that lack of self-love is what really hinders them and makes them unfit. Whats the point of making a person do a 5km row if they can’t believe they are capable of 500m. or worse if they train like a beast but they don’t feel any pride for the actions they take.

Then the job is more about addressing the fitness of the mind and sequence out the events into chunks. So then when you or whoever is standing in front of me can achieve and develop that habit of Fitness.

Some people want fitness for all kinds of reasons and Personally fitness feels very toxic as I am of the opinion that it’s a numbers game and people are just  chasing elevated and often unrealistic standards. Also it insinuates that you must need to be more F.Y.I you don’t need to be more, you want to be more and if its sustainable go you! But for the rest of you mortals you need security, food, love, air and water, but you want to be fit and that’s a great place to start.  Fitness is so strongly associated with athleticism and strength that the others areas get complete white washed by the gym or your local activity space.

Firstly fitness should enable you to lead a strong and healthy lifestyle, whether that’s playing with the kids in the park or running for the bus you always run for or even getting up off the floor without any assistance.

Secondly it should be a positive experience and its outcome should make you a happier version of yourself. So what can I recommend for your fitness goals? Answer these honestly and be true to you.

1) Are your reasons for being better manageable? or do you just have cover model envy! you realise they are literally paid to look better than you and that’s a harsh truth but that’s their job. unlike your 10-12 hour day (cause seriously who works conventional times any more??)

2) Do you lack something critical for your day-to-day? are stairs a little to tough, clothes slightly too tight and  are dark thoughts prevailing?(you know just eat the cake  you’re fat anyway kinda thoughts).

3) Is it based in fact or fiction? do you want to be fitter because it will improve you or just because Becky at work looks amazing and your proper jelly!..you mad bro?

4) Are you already training and want to take that next level? Then your already on the path why are you here 😉

5) Are you sad about yourself and feel like a victim? then now is the time to love your self and manage that baggage.

A lot of what I have been discussing actually comes under wellbeing. It’s always good to know your intentions and reasons for what you want to do and why you want to do it.

So then what about physical fitness?

Well you need a tool or variable to measure against?

let’s do some simple tests that you can do anywhere

Body weight movements

Plank position

Set up a timer and hold the low plank on your elbows whilst maintaining form for as long as possible or till movement failure occurs. img_2521

See how you do against the chart

Plank Times

Push ups or press ups

Set a timer and complete as many press ups with proper form as possible. use any version of the press up that you can sustain for 1 min

Full press-up

Again check chart and make your base linePress ups chart

last but not least,


Perform full squats for a time of 1 minute and see how you do.



No chart here but try to perform a squat every 2 seconds or so within that minute and if you can go faster do so but watch you form.


Results times!

Take your results and then tore them away safely and use this as your base line measurement. test again every 4-6 weeks depending on what you want to achieve.

So what can these 3 test tell you?

All 3 require a substantially amount of  muscular strength and endurance

Core stability

A good range of motion


Postural control

These movements will sum up what you are lacking in  and with that you can research how to best plan your next step!

So be strong, be happy and if you have any questions on what your next step can be just contact me and we can advance you to that brighter future together.

So until next time spartans,


Till next time

Ben – Founder Spartan’s Lane – www.spartanslane.com


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