New gym! Who this?

Greetings Spartans,

Guess whose back! Back Again, No its not Eminem but do tell your friends!!

Spartanslane is coming back with a blast and even more Spartan-ier (that’s a word, right?).

So after this hiatus we now find ourselves in a new Training location!

The GymGroup@Wandsworth Garratt Ln, Southside Shopping Centre, London SW18 4TF

Local to the Area? Make sure to check me out and if you have trained with me in the past or would like to know more just reach out.

Keep your eye out for the #spartanslane and the up and coming #spartanslanechallenges on Instagram @spartanslane

Until next time Spartans be glorious in all your activities and everystep you take!

Spartan out,

Ben Lane @Lead coach and Founder.

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