Taking back Control of Reality

Greetings Spartans,

This is it the moment you’ve all known for so long but didn’t want to accept! Will you take the Blue pill or the Red pill and change your reality forever(subjectively of course).

No I’m not gonna pull you out the Matrix but maybe just out of your habitual tendencies and reframe some behaviours that may be holding you back. So I want to offer you a set of tools that will allow you to manage your day and Experiences whilst you re-establish some control back over the day.

Managing Stress

So today I’d like to offer you 3 ideas that I personally benefit from in my day to day activities

Minimising decision fatigue: One of the many choices daily that we are presented with is eating. Which is why my first choice most importantly is how I set up my routine with Meal Preparation! I know this isn’t revolutionary by any means but knowing that you have 80% of your meals and snacks set up in advance not only takes away rambling through stores but stops impulsive food splurges. This is great for the wallet, the waist and your mental state.

Mood reading: Pay attention to moments that make you feel snappy or overwhelmed emotionally. Chances are your body is crying out for sleep, nutrition or a break. We all must do our job and should do the best we can, however many fail to recognise that skipping out on water, some natural light and even not having a quick food stop could be the reason you aren’t performing. Take these outbursts as a way to run through an internal checklist

  • Sleep
  • Hydration
  • Hunger
  • Instability(lonely, unhappy, lack of enjoyment)
  • Time( Downtime, Personal time, Relaxation)

If you have followed this list it’s a good way to check you have all your S.H.H.I.T together for the better and not for the worse.

BONUSYour S.H.H.I.T List: Seriously its that important I’ve had to say it twice! Can you imagine how many millions of people would benefit if they slept adequately, ate within reason and maintained hydration. What a appropriately fuelled and rested body can do for you on your day to day. How much more in control of your decisions you would be if you didn’t need to stimulate, over the counter medicate and over-react with unhealthy ideas.(like outworking a bad diet or sleeping when you’re dead).

Hygiene standards: I know we all keep as clean as possible but hygiene isn’t just physical its mental are you presenting a version of yourself that you like today? Does this version hold yourself accountable for the decisions you make even when you feel your worst. Like when we brush our teeth or comb our hair, just give 2 minutes to telling yourself that today will be the best you can make it and that you can only control how you handle situations and respectively how they make you feel…Imagine this, every time you are out and about you’re being followed by a 5 year old version of yourself(whose very universe revolves around how you act). Will you be the best example of yourself? So Spartans just because we have minty fresh breath doesn’t mean we aren’t spouting out B.S.!

Whilst this may not make a lot of difference to you today by the time you’ve invested that extra 30 seconds to run your SHHIT list or prepared a handful of meals what you’ve done is limited the variables that potentially are controlling you. Imagine if each change made you 0.25% better and everyday you gained between 1% & 1.25% increase to your self worth and Willpower each month you would be 28%-31% better off. How much more energised would you feel to know you may have spent 3 hours bulk cooking but gained 4 days with no decisions to worry about due to your prep. Or How much happier you would be because you haven’t regretted any words you’ve spoken because you manifested that better version of yourself and realised that the issue actually doesn’t matter.

Small steps take us to the our destination and even if you only take one step today that’s still more than yesterday!

I hope you’ve managed to get some ideas on ways that you can immediately integrate into your routine.

Until next time Spartans,


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