Hello Everyone

Hi guys and gals of the internet,

I just want to start out with this idea that no matter where things take us in our lives we have the power to turn the tide and devote ourselves to the ideal. For the next several months I will be posting information regarding health based on my perspective of effectiveness and using solid theory and fact to back up any decisions/conclusions I present. I will more then likely contradict pieces of evidence as newer more exciting theorems take hold.

About myself I run a small Personal training business in London and have been on this journey for no more then 6 months thus far, if I was to rank myself via the concept of Mastery (according to Robert Greenes Book*) I`m ending the Apprenticeship stage and embarking on the Creative active stage. My success is small but ultimately the pros beat the cons.

It is my belief and fundamental foundation that regardless of your circumstance you have the tools to do the job you want, a commonly over looked fact of personal training is this: yes it’s my job to push you in the gym or park but my main role is 24 hour emotional support, psychological unloading and constantly challenging who you are. When I say challenging you I dont mean assertive/aggressive tendencies I mean to continue to break the mold of who you think you are weekly and shape you into a confident and stronger you.

Feel free to ask anything about the fitness world and I will try and give you as solid and reasonable answer as possible.

Next post will be aimed at why we fall down and how to pick ourselves up. I also want to move onto the first steps to a physically more capable you.

All the best,

Ben – Spartan’s Lane Founder – http://www.spartanslane.com

* Please check this guy out. His ideas are translatable for any goal.


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