How to fit in fitness in your busy schedule?!!


It is purpose that created us.
 Purpose that connects us.
 Purpose that pulls us.
 That guides us.
 That drives us.
 It is purpose that defines us.
Purpose that binds us.” – Agent Smith (Matrix Reloaded)

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to share that little speech that smith gives from the matrix as i think its more translateble to most people in ther everyday business. My main topic today is all about how we can find time to work out and still have a fully functioning job around that with all the other commitments e.g. Social, Family and Childcare etc.

So whats a good way to get fit and get that defined body you seek in just 30mins or less. I will write some examples of work outs I use when taxed for time to keep my maintenance work up and my body fat even. Before we adress the workouts there are two elements that need to be in control for you to maximise these sessions that are just as vital.

Firstly Sleep its a given a rested body is a well maintained body and one that will keep you feeling less lethargic and sluggish. I believe that the average person needs between 6 and 10 hours depending on there needs. Its also about the quality of this sleep, deep and very engaged rem sleep will maximise your potential.

Secondly Nutrition, literally so important if you are causing inbalance through diet then you will struggle to maintain continous growth or worse still reverse those gains. You have to keep the supply up with demand its that simple more working out even under 30mins still requires high amounts of expenditure and you need to pay back that deficit. my best advise with out going overboard is eat simple meals atleast an hour before workng out, if needs be a small pre workout snack followed by your post workout snack/shake then another 2 hours till a proper meal. You want your body to utilise everything possible, whilst keeping your food based on the this sorta composition 40% protein, 30% fats and 30% carbs in these meals surrounding your work out. you can tailor this to your specification or dietary need e.g. if your vegetarian nuts and seeds for a full range of amino acids. there are some many topics that I won`t delve any deeper with this part as you can find millions of resources regarding the best ideas for you Body type, BMR, Ethnic background, Specific diet etc.

Ok now we have delt with the other parts to this functional tripod lets get the last point started.

Here are some of the ways that will benifit you in your limited time frame.

Intensity: it needs to be to the point and driven under strict timing and you need to keeps the pace for your 25mins so if your doing cardio, the pace has to be above moderate and you have to be fairly out of breath but still able to keep going. if its for strength be specific and focus on whats the goal( total body, split routines) then make sure you manipulate the tempo and keep the pace going e.g. if you use 5KG dumbells keep the reps low but the tempo high so lets say a work out looks like this

Arms/Shoulders Day

– 3 X 10 Side raises @ 5KG TP 5-0-5-0( no pause no break) with 45seconds rest inbetween each set

– 3 X 10 Bicep curls @ 5KG TP 5-0-5-0( no pause no break) with 45seconds rest inbetween each set

– 3 X 10 Tricep kickbacks @ 5KG TP 5-0-5-0( no pause no break) with 45seconds rest inbetween each set

– 3 X 10 Front raises @ 5KG TP 5-0-5-0( no pause no break) with 45seconds rest inbetween each set

Each set takes 1:40 to complete, So 12 X 1.4 = (16.8 + 5.4) = roughly 22:30 mins with a 5mins warm up and 5mins cool down. 32mins not bad

As you can see that focus will definately work those muslces try it next time you are in a pinch for time

My session from Today at home, was a circuit so the exercises were back to back.





COMPLETED 3 TIMES = 330 REPS All completed in 24mins with 45 seconds rest between each set.

Cardio Tabata

Tabata last 4mins and revolves around 8 set of 20 seconds burst with 10 seconds of rest.

Squat Jumps – Rest – Burpees – Rest X 4 = 4min.s

1 minute rest repeat 4X

Obviously I dont expect you to have the equipment but use the formats and pick the exercise, please refer to my previously blog regarding bodyweight movements and how to use them. I hope you can see the differences between the first idea and the second one. Its all in the intensity and how to vary it.

Exercise format: So this is where what to pick comes into account be it circuits, free weights, tabata, cardio, yoga etc its about defining the purpose of your session. I would highly recommend Tabata and circuits they are my bread and butter for literally every requirement, fat-loss, muscle gain, increasing fitness and so much more.

by now you can see that its the changing the aspect and the intensity you use that make sure the requirements are hit during your session. Its about using common sense, strict timing and my last point.

K.I.S.S: basic and effective beats complex and overly cordinated anyday and the easier you make the choices doesnt mean the work out is easy merely you have eliminated the need to waste time changing stations in circuits or you have maximised 1 piece of equipment or used body weight exercise that transist into each other  for example press ups, squats thrusts, burpees, star jumps. each movement eveloves on the last one. Also do over crowd your routine less in more in a time dominate plan of action. so circuits last 6 mins a set that means you can fit in 4 sets in 30mins, free weights for chest 5 exercise and rest periods of 45seconds will last no more then 30min.

The advantage is all these are focused on you being able to do them within a limited time frame and this doesnt just extend to strict exercise either you can use a concept called body signalling to break down your overall commitment so if you say work from home every hour perform 10 pressups, 10, squats and 10 crunches each hour for 10 hours thats 300reps and studies so it can help develop these areas considerable faster. Look at the actor Tom hardy who used this idea for his role in Bronson.

I hope you use these ideas to your advantage with your future sessions and figure out how best to use the ideas in your next work outs. Please ask me anything regarding how you can use these and I will get back to you asap.

On A side topic I recently watched the movie after earth and really loved the taking a knee concept. If you havent watched it I wont explain story line just this concept, to not be overwhelmed by information you take a knee and root yourself in the here and now, by being present in that moment you engage the moment and assess it, take in the sights, sounds even the smells. I have already taken this and adapted it to my own method of performance, So when I`m struggling or finding the will to do something difficult I root myself down, Take the knee either metaphorically or literally and I assess the moment. Pull myself into the challenge before me and then take the present information and then add visualisation to the finished result. with all that focus and concentraion it becomes far easier to smash out that final set or even last kilometre on the clock.

Just something interesting that I thought I would share with you all.

Ben – Spartan’s Lane Founder –

TIll the next time everyone and my apologies for being so delayed in my blogging been very busy this last week.

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