Take a knee, live the moment and assess.

Jaden Smith  in After Earth

Hello Everyone,

I Just wanted to go indepth in the idea of “Taking a Knee”. I think its a factor that is so over looked in terms of understanding ourselves. When times get hard and they will ineviatbly get harder before they get easier you have to drown out the world and use your consciuos effort to ground yourself, hereby taking the knee. Its not asking alot you dont have to analyse every piece of information just be brutal and quick, assess what you have as options and optimise your choice. if there are external factors harness those and use them. “can I get help”, “can I understand” these are the questions you aren`t trying to find. You have to start by finding the cause to your stress and your doubt and re-route that energy. Like cognitive behaviuor therapy but its a quick fix and designed to instantly relieve the moment of its overwhelming nature by you subduing your worries and doubts and finding your strength. Before reaching out for help reach within first.

Maybe for you the moment lasts a long time and for another it lasts microseconds, we are all different and react differently. From now on when you are struggling or in dire need of that pick me up I invite you to start by closing your eyes  either physically or visually and take in the sights, sounds, emotions and location. we are trying to let go of the worry from having not been at our best or mulling over a situation to come. Primarly take you location and this is now your fortress of the present. A good example of being in the present is from ceasar milan aka the dog whisperer who more often then not explains how dogs live in the present and feed of the energy you give them.E.g. positive reinforcement and subtle dominace helps a dog psychologically ground itself in the moment and understand that your are taking to lead. However Negative reactiosn and inconsistent control make the dog anxious,  out of control and agressive like any person who has ever had a crappy day they tend to lash out well its the same prnciple. Dogs feed of the now and also habitually open to what is set before them. You need to adjust yourself to this which is where our emotions come in.

Emotionally you have all the control, not the source of anger you can ignore it or even blank it out. however you have to tap into that present and push the resentment or annoyance aside and start the process. Remember that your character is a light and it doesnt turn on and off because others say so, its a constant and only you have access to the power to keep it bright and flowing. Don`t give anyone one else the power to your switch. With your mind set on a more dominant hold of the present and your emotions relinquishing the hold over your thought process now you can gain the clarity you need to take on the final stages of taking the knee. Sounds are crucial to this as it doesnt have to be external it can be that doubt that nags in the background and this video is a excellent way to envision your internal sounds.

This is so true that you are in great turmoil in your mind much like a tempest but you have the control on this internal sound and even when its external you then adjust your process to not pay attention to it. You can block out the negativity of anothers words and the harness in the tone and just move along stronger.

The last one is very difficult to manipulate as a picture paints 1000 words so a event or situation can riddle us with innumerable ideas and thoughts. Now you have to engage your being to not be overwhelmed by the sight before you and its hard when you recieve so much information from the source you view but you can limit the information and take in the raw essentials from that moment. I like to visualise that my mind is a great library and it is cataloged and referenced in depth and I have to control as the librarian to keep out information it doesnt require. I general consider it in very old context like alexandra or the Britsh library. It`s how i like to keep myself constantly upgrading my neural network from a personal perspective, I know it has nothing to do with my synaptic links or neuron function but I like to feel that control.

In short use the taking a knee idea and envelop the present, let the sights flow, the sounds be minimised, emotions controlled and the locotion become solid and hold that thought for a moment then breath and relax.

Till next time,

Ben – Spartan’s Lane Founder – http://www.spartanslane.com

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