Are you a kettlebell God or Goddess?

SpartansBell month has started: we have a routine set up for you to buy and try via and we will also be sharing the workouts on Instagram: spartanslane.

Kettlebells are some of the most versatile and fun tools in the gym. They are ideal for all levels of fitness and experience.

Some of the greatest athletes and trainers use kettlebells to help them achieve their goals. So why not start your journey with the kettlebells today?

This October follow our social media for the workouts of the day, exercise of the week and many more surprises for you! Make sure you try the exercises next time you’re in the gym!

Our Kettlebells workout has 3 stages .

  • KettleNovice
  • KettleWorker
  • KettleKiller

Are you enough of a KettleKiller to beat our workout?

Till next time,

Ben Lane –  Founder Spartan’s Lane –




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