Get stronger now with 1 move

If you were trapped on a desert island and you could only perform 1 movement, what would you pick?

I would pick the Kettlebell swing. It’s one of the few movements that can be utilised by every sport conditioning session.

It has the versatility to be performed in any location and anywhere (certain space required).

A master of all tasks for your goals and training: fat burn, strength, cardio, mobility etc. it works regardless of your goal.

As a movement it is such an easy move to learn and integrate into your routine, that it’s surprising to see that some people don’t do it already.

It works your entire posterior chain: from the top of your neck, right down to the base of your heels and also engaging your entire core and hip mobility. It will not only make your core stronger but also help you get ready for strength or mobility training.


How can you get stronger?

By working your hip and shoulder joints and tightening the core, you reduce the amount of power leaks you may have in other movements e.g. military press or front squat.

Power leaks are areas that arent being used efficiently or correctly and cause a lose in power of movement. So adressing these weaknesses will maximise your strength and your health.

Till next time,
Ben – Founder of Spartan’s Lane –

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