What’s in your gym bag?

Hello Spartans,

This might seem like a basic subject, but you’d be surprised how few people actually pack their gym bag to contain the appropriate things you might need to use.

As a responsible gym user you should make sure that you ready for pretty much anything, when training whether at the gym or outdoors.

Hygiene and first aid are the first things you need to take into account when packing your gym bag.

The most common things to be packed are:

  • Deodorant and shower bag
  • Spare clothes
  • A bag freshener – if you forget about it you’ll have to endure the unpleasant smell
  • Hand soap/antibacterial gel
  • Paracetamol or ibuprofen if required
  • Sweat towel
  • Drying towel – you don’t want to use the sweat towel to dry yourself up after you just had a shower
  • Water bootle – make sure you use a BPA free one

Extras you can include:

  • Resistance bands
  • Gloves for weights
  • A good product like deep heat or toger balm to relieve aches and pain
  • Protein Shaker  -make sure you use a BPA free one
  • A supplement carrier for powders and pills
  • Small first aid kit with plasters and minor wraps – especially if training outdoors or going for a hike

Do you take anything else in your gym bag when exercising indoors or outdoors? Let me know!

Ben – Founder Spartan’s Lane – www.spartanslane.com

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