Greetings Spartans,

With this week marks the end of our kettlebell spectacular training – SpartansBell!

We have covered a wide selection of movements: different swings, presses and pulls.

As you have seen in the last month, the kettlebells can be added to any routine, and I hope that these moves have shown you how you can work on the following topics:

  • Accessory work
  • Mobility
  • Endurance
  • Metabolic conditioning
  • Unilateral work
  • Strength
  • Core

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about kettlebell workouts and you see them in a new light.

Special thanks to all of you who have tried the kettlebell challenge.

If you haven’t had the time to try it in October but want to do so, you can sign up at and get access to the challenge via the app (please note that the app requires a fee in order to access – for further details please see the website).

See you at the gym!

Ben Lane – Founder Spartan’s Lane –

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