Boxing workout

Feel the burn this winter with our special Boxing Burner!

With the holidays around the corner, I have put together the perfect workout routine for those wanting to burn extra calories just before the Christmas parties start. This workout can be done anywhere anytime. The structure looks like this:

Warm up 

Skipping (speed or K1 rope) 2 rounds x 3 mins


Shadow boxing – maintain upright position 3 X 3mins

Add weaves and ducks to every 5th or 6th move

Physical prep – either have a push, pull or leg focused circuit

Complete 2 sets of circuits

Abdominal focus – 2 moves until failure

With this abs exercise, I have focused on splitting it by movement (sagittal, frontal or traverse).

Here are a two examples you can try now! Make sure you have space around you and a timer!

Example 1 

Warm up – Skipping

2 x 3mins – Rest 30 seconds between sets


Shadow boxing 

Orthodox stance with stance change every 30 seconds:

Jab, jab, cross, front upper, cross & duck

Front hook, back upper, jab, cross, front upper, slip/weave

3 x 3 mins with 1 min rest between each round

Circuit – legs x 2

Split squat 10 (left/right) guard up

Sumo squats 10

Single leg deadlift 10 (left/right)

Walking  lunge 2 laps

Repeat for 4 mins

With 1 min 30 seconds rest

Abs (transverse plane)

Standing oblique twists until failure

Alternating woodchop until failure (switch every 10 reps)

Example 2 (Advanced)

Warm up – Skipping

3 x 4mins rounds with 30 seconds rest between: round 1 and 3 focused on height of jump and round 2 and 4 on speed of rope.


Shadow boxing

Full basic six hand combo and pivot step

4’s with forward and back stepping

Practiced in both stances

3 X 5 mins rounds back to back with 1 minute rest

Circuits – Pull x 3

Inverted row with bar (or table) 10 reps

Bridge on hands – 10 full raises

10 inch worms

Chin up or pull up with bar (or edge of a stairwell or tree) 8 reps

Repeat all moves for 4 mins

1 minute and 30 seconds rest between each set

Abdominal Focus (sagittal)

Crunches until failure

Leg raise with figure of 8’s until failure (switch every 5 reps)

For  more information about boxing or training please write a comment below or send me a message.

Till next time,

Ben Lane – Founder of Spartan’s Lane –

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