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Hi everybody,

I want to get down to the facts of the gym. Don`t be drawn into the typical gym trap of being forced to use a machine merely because it exists. Purpose in the gym doesn`t derive function and vice versa. So with all these amazing machine what can I use you ask?!!

YOU…this isn`t a philosophical debate you are running around in one of the most diverse Biomechanical machines in existence and with a little work can move seemlessly between the planes of motion. Thats right your body is the optimal place to draw that inner strength and that isnt me exagerrating, look at gymnasts, yoga instructors and military fitness PTI`s. These are really good examples of different states of fitness but revolved around the body. However I`m not excluding the use of equipment but it need to be necessary towards your specific goal or sport to yeild real results.

Looking at our examples they are stronger and well built based on a few ideas, efficiency they can perform their workout most anywhere and be capable of maintaining their level of fitness with little to no need of anything else such as you may expect in the armed services.

So firstly use your bodyweigt as the baseline and train to be more capable at moving your body under its own steam. Fitness by definition means “the quality of being suitable to fulfil a particular role or task”* so what a wonderful way to become suitable to yourself.

Here are some ideas for you;


Beginner Body Weight Workout: Burn Fat, Build Muscle


With an idea set about of Bodyweight what can you use to then boost your training?

Chin up bars, TRX(or any suspension system), skipping rope, Cones, Hurdles, Dips bars Etc are all ways use your bodyweight to increase your strength or physique. I think for raw strength you won`t find many better then Frank medrano.

After you`ve learnt the basic movement patterns once you have defined your goals then start asking do I need the machine, if you want to be a bodybuilder then you have picked the right idea as for them its all about that isolation work and split routines. If you want raw strength, power and want functionality then you have to train functionally not aesthetically.

Now who can you trust in your pursuit to a fitter, stronger and faster version of yourself. many people on the gym floor are false idols who will lead you astray with there dogma and uneducated reason of work it till your f*cked up mentality. You need to surround yourself with trainers, friends or mentors who will teach you the way and never tell you dont do this* unless its a situation where common knowledge is actually terrible e.g. leg raises a big no no for any one who doesnt want to damage or pull the spine with unnatural stress.

A trainer or mentor is a person you can turn to for advice about ost topics and is humble enough to admit the exetent of there knowledge, ultimately the decision lies with you and thats the voice you need to trust. It doesnt matter if that trainer does something with all his or her clients if you don`t enjoy it why are you doing it. I mean seriously if im paying £50+ an hour for a service I had better be treated with the upmost respect and quality. I expect you to do more then count to 10 and watch me use the machine or do the exercise…effectively you should be hand walking me through the process be the voice of cool, calm and endurance but most of all be that smile and hand shake when you have smashed that barrier and succeeded in your goal.

Trust in yourself and use your reason to find someone who will be strong enough to understand you, your need and your aspirations. Live with joy not fear or worry. Pick the person you`d pick as a friend.

Till next time People,

Ben – Spartan’s Lane Founder – http://www.spartanslane.com

P,S.: Next time we will look at how to develop a mindset for doing more then you believe. Till next time be safe and when using these ideas warming up and stretching are very important.

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