Indomitable will power and how to become your own dark knight.

Batman to superman.

Hi Everyone,

Inspiration comes in many guises and it is our job to listen not to the blarring background or the overt qualities of others,  it`s the whisper you didnt hear till the last second, the moment you stare upon something so complete in your eyes your very universe has amalgamated into that singularity. For me probably corny but it`s Batman he become something so tangible and so involved in my thought process that I have adapted his ethos into my nature and made him my own.

This is how I create that inner will power to drive myself literally when i`m in doubt I ask “what would Batman do?”, everything in his power to get the result or the situation he requires to complete the task. I invite you to look upon your own life and reflect on what makes you a powerhouse and allows you to step into that state of control or Mastery*.

When you find that purpose that drive and you have your inspiration everthing flows easier, you exude confidence, you control the conversation and you have this innate ability to convince others of your sureness.How can you get to this level of Indomitability. Here are some strategies to start changing that mindset which is the first hurdle.

1) Self mantra: This involves you creating a phrase or series of phrases and repeating this message to yourself daily. Pick powerful phrases like, “I will make an impression today” or “you are a champion” something to set that mindset give the day purpose.

2) Develop your listening skills: This is a good way to allow the world to fill in the blanks, It seems silly but taking time to acknowledge information actually gives you more power to use that situation to your advantage. You have two ears and one mouth. Use them wisely.

3) Let go off your wanton nature and indulge your essentials: People are becoming so wrapped up in their possesions that they are missing the bigger picture, trading health for finance and life for comfort. Set out and try new thing, when was the last time you appreciated the smell of the woods or park. Let the need to eat, play and learn be more apart of your life.

4) Keep trying: Don`t let your previous attempts hold you back you aren`t a result or a mechanism, you have the capabilities to do whatever you set your mind too. Even Batman had to practice and learn to develop the amazing skillset he has.

5) I am who I am: you are you and forget all the labling and titles these are just petty things developed by petty minds to try and bolster there own self importance. They lacked any sense of worth and awarded themselves with numerous labels to give the impression of greatness. Beware the Bullshit and dont get drawn in. You are whatever you say you are and no amount of category will define you, you are bespoke.

6) Feelings need monitoring: you have to have self restraint and not be swept completely by the situation, retain your reason and logic dont trade in your selfworth and social responsibilty to be a overgrown toddler. Find new approaches to emotionally difficult circumstances. Never be afraid to be you but respect others in the process they have as much right to their own structures as you have to yours.

7) Personify the change: Finally embody the attitude you want, feel rubbish in the morning then throw it away and start on a clean slate, be the outcome you want. Ths is about molding your thought process in the positive direction. Be the change you seek.

A little motivation to clean up with.

Ben – Spartan’s Lane Founder –

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