Hello everyone,

Welcome to my blog. I want to use this platform to give you all the information I have about fitness and healthy lifestyle. I want to help you become the version of yourself that you desire to be, by supporting you in your commitment to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Before we get to my background,  let me tell you first about some of the benefits of using a personal trainer.

Personal trainers are not just fitness professionals who prescribe exercises and run classes in your local gym. A personal trainer’s main role is to motivate, encourage and assist anyone who wants a healthy lifestyle, change of body composition, or needs exercise due to sedentary lifestyle.

Trainers also set goals, provide feedback, and measure client’s fitness strengths, whilst helping them work on the weaknesses through regular fitness measurements and bespoke training programs.

I will use my extensive knowledge and 15 years of sporting and fitness experience to help you overcome weaknesses both physical and mental, and see you reach the desired fitness levels.

My fitness and sporting story began in a sweaty dojo in Brockley rise doing Kempo. 13 years old and too tall for the kids class so had to be in with the adults.  I had always been involved in sports like football and rugby since I was  8 years old but once in the Dojo I had found my calling.

This evolved into Shotokan Karate, Judo, Krav Maga, Traditional jujitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing,  Okinawan Weapons and H.E.M.A.

I now focus on teaching beginner basics in Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA.

I use a range of different training systems and approaches to get to the needs of my client as both an athlete and a human. These systems include Tabata, WODS (workout Of The Day), EMOM ( Every Minute On the Minute), weightlifting,  plyometrics, Isometrics and circuits. I am focused on the main elements of Specificity and Functionality.

Specificity – the application is direct or as true to the format as you require e.g. vertical jump drills for basketball

Functionality – the requirement to complete any given task or goal set i.e to be able to walk up stairs without getting breathless.


Stay tuned for the following topics:

  • Reviews of London gyms based on equipment and what’s available
  • Fitness Products
  • Nutrition advice and personal preferences
  • Techniques to improve your workouts
  • Martial arts tips and tricks
  • Athlete routines
  • Secrets and surprises


Ben – Spartan’s Lane Founder –


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