Today`s Workout

Good day to all you Spartans!

I want to walk you through my work out for today.  I will be using simplicity, functionality and specificity. I want to show you what today looks like for me.

Workout 1 (Specific and functional): 30min of boxing work focused with hook and front kick combinations.

The main role of this workout is to boost my metabolism and increase my aerobic capacity.

Workout 2 (Simple & functional): Ladders for time.

Ladders: using 2 movements I will time myself to see how long it takes to complete the ladder. (Repeat 2X)

Press-ups and kettlebell swings (20kg)

Press-ups              Swings

10                          2

9                            4

8                            6

7                            8

6                            10

5                            12

4                            14

3                            16

2                            18

1                            20

Take note of your time and see what you score and score your best time of 2 (mine was 6:21).

If you’re struggling to complete any of your ladders, let’s start making your movement easier.

Half press-up into full press-up

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kettlebell swings 


The goal for any session should be focused and clear if you’re umm and erring your routine, walk away and make a game plan.

If you lack inspiration come to and book into one of our monthly Spartan elements monthly plans.

Check out The Spartan Basics for a run down of all the elements and what to expect.

Have a great weekend,

Ben – Founder Spartan’s Lane –

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